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Linux has been an unstoppable force for the past decades and is a source of a lot of innovative technologies. It’s no longer a niche market that only geeks know about. Everyone has it in their home: your router is Linux based, your phone is linux based, your smart TV and your digital-TV receiver, … It shows the versatility of Linux. All these possibilities come with a price: for each task there are different alternatives, software might be badly documented, unsupported software, complexity, learning curve, …

That’s why it makes sense to get a consultant on board. With our consultancy you get +10 years of experience in the challenging world of Linux, FreeBSD and infrastructure management. We’ve been working for major companies with critical applications: major traveling agency, airspace management, construction, hosting, …

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Why Choose PluggableBrains

  • Linux (CentOS/RHEL)
  • RedHat Satellite 5 and 6
  • Ansible/Puppet
  • OpenShift
  • Backup Administration
  • Storage Administration
  • Network Administration